Looking for Love in the Springtime

Young fresh naïve and happy--

that was me!

In the spring time--

a mere 23!

Looking to mate with someone,

a loving person, so care free.

Blossoming into a beautiful creation

for all the world to see!

With a personality like a fiery orange blossom, a Tiger Lily,

or maybe something, beautiful and strong like the Dogwood tree,

my spring time flower in a man would not come easy.

Just to think of him would make my stomach queasy.

If you looked inside of me,

you would see,

butterflies while bees buzz

trying to pollinate me.

I could look at those flowers

Pray for rain showers,

but I couldn’t touch,

for that would have been too much!

Their leaves dazzled me, their petals unique.

Sometimes I would lose sleep, hoping one would find me.

“Blow over my way with your tantalizing scent like that of a rose

tickle my nose,” I would think.

Until one came around, he did stink!

Along with the beautiful rays of the sun,

there was always one,

to come along and ruin my fun!

Ah yes, spring time!

A mating season.

Someone always looking for a reason,

to trade the old for the new--

to end up feeling blue--

to forget want it means to be true.

by Nicholl McGuire

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